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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

and the blogging begins.....

Two big milestones for me this week, I am an official "Twitterer" and now a "Blogger'.  With a little more time over the holidays there has been some thinking space to contemplate adding these forms of communication to the business and here we are.
Looking at demographic of our students and the growing number of adults we have as clients, everything I read tells me that online communication has become the preferred mode and it is here to stay...for better or worse.
Now, some would suggest that online communication is in direct conflict with the principles that Tall Poppies Group work so hard to deliver.  I strongly disagree.  As a society we are increasingly distancing ourselves from each other, for many of our young people, interpersonal communication is through instant messaging and while writing a report or posting a blog are skills they have mastered, ask them to stand in front of their class or colleagues to deliver a presentation and they are way out of their depth.
So we do need to work together.  Just as us oldees need to gain confidence to create a facebook account, there is a whole generation of people who need to gain confidence to it looks like we are both here to stay.
Stay watching as I feed you ideas, tips and thoughts about the work we do and how we can add real value to people's lives.

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