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Monday, January 31, 2011

Be Nice!

This week has been very busy with people phoning for new enrolments in the business.  This great and one of the fantastic things I have discovered this week is that I need to be patient (or more as the case maybe).
Several phone calls have come from people with English as a second language, they are wanting help for themselves or for their children.  They are often very difficult to understand and interpreting their needs is at times a big mission.  BUT of course I slow down, keep it simple and be nice because they are a potential client...and we like those!
This leads me to ponder my intolerance when I phone  a business who outsource to international call centres (eg Telecom)....that feeling of dread, will they understand me, how long will it take to get my message across, impending doom and frustration creeps up on me before the call is even connected.
So, now imagine what it must be like for the person at the call centre (and it is a real person after all) ..they have worked hard to learn English, they have a good job that pays their bills and they have to put up with me an my shocking attitude to our awful must that be.
All I need to do is SLOW DOWN, KEEP IT SIMPLE AND MOST OF ALL BE NICE...just like I am with my potential clients when they ring.  I have not had the chance to try out my new attitude as yet...but I will keep you posted....worth a try don't you think?
REMEMBER: Successful communication is about the receiver not the sender!

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