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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life is like a don't know how strong you are until you get into hot water.

I have been putting off writing this weeks blog. What can I write in light of sombre mood that has swept over us.  How does anything we do on a day to day basis make any sense in light of  the extreme .......going through the motions of everyday life while our brothers and sisters in Christchurch reel about in a situation so grim it is difficult to comprehend.
Like many of you, I have been following the progress of rescue workers on the TV and radio, hoping and praying for another good news story and it is fair to say they are few and far between. Worrying about friends and family.
A positive light has radiated from the awesome communicators that have tirelessly provided the rest of the world with the news, minute by minute.
I would like to make particular mention of Bob Parker, Mayor of Christchurch. If ever we had a role model in the field of communication, he is the man.  He has constantly thinking of his audience, providing honest and consistent information with a genuine human touch.  He has, I am sure, provided the people of Christchurch with hope and stability in the most hopeless and unstable of times.  It is hard to imagine how tired he must be, how worried he must be about his own family and friends.  He is a role model to all of us.
Throughout the country, people are giving their all to help in whichever way they can.  Here in Palmerston North I see and hear about people making a difference.  Families have said goodbye to parents in the many Army trucks heading south, we have not seen the man of our house for more that an hour or two since Tuesday while he and his team make sure the air transport systems stay safe and functional, friends working 12 hours shifts in "makeshift" call centres, I see teachers in classrooms debriefing and calming worried children, the list goes on and on....and yet in many ways we all feel so helpless. I commend you all, doing your job to the best of your ability is making a difference, it is helping.
and....when the 6 year old asked me today "Mummy, why did God make the earthquake" I was quick to respond "I think he did it to remind us how to look after each other" and I think we are all doing a very good job of that.  Together we make the difference. Kia kaha NZ.

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