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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Seven Keys to Stunning Presentations. 1. Absolute Authenticity


     1. Absolute Authenticity

Can you recall a speaker that seemly does all the right things, has great energy levels and is well prepared but for some reason that you can’t put your finger on, they just miss the mark.  You are left wonder “what happened there”?

We have all experienced sitting through someone’s “filing cabinet” speech.  I call it that because they have literally been recycled from the filing system.  Pulled out and used again.  Perhaps it is even memorised, like a script of a play. Audiences can smell these a mile off so don’t be fooled into thinking you can pull this off time and again.  If you do, you risk your credibility, the potential to make important connections and most of all you will eliminate any chance of achieving your speaking goal.

Perhaps they have read their speech or presentation to you.  It’s hard to swallow and hard to stay focused.  You are left wondering if they are really an expert because they didn’t speak from their heart, with passion. They decided to write a speech and not deliver one.

Ok, so we all have content that can be used time and again.  I’m not advocating ditching your content each time but you must start fresh with each new audience. No matter what you think, there are unique differences.  Starting fresh will allow you to be authentic!

For some of you, it’s easier to write than it is deliver and if that’s the case, you should seek help and coaching. Being a great speaker is just as powerful as being a skilled wordsmith.

So what does ‘to be authentic’ mean?

It’s not just about standing up and telling the truth.  It’s not about over rehearsing or for that matter ‘winging it’.  It’s about using an extemporaneous style of delivery (planned, prepared, rehearsed) in conjunction with the following things:

NATURAL BODY LANGUAGE- not rehearsed or planned. Natural, open and relaxed.  Body language the reflects you.


            Intend to be open with your audience

            Intend to connect with your audience

            Intend to share your energy and passion about your subject

Intend to listen to your audience, watch them, react to them and change to suit their needs    during your presentation.

Becoming an authentic speaker is step one along the path towards stunning presentations. It is the foundation to launch from.  Good luck and if at first you don’t succeed, get some help-its out there.  @del_speaks

Del Costello-Professional Speaking Expert

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