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Sunday, February 9, 2014



 What does that mean?

Branding yourself is a very big challenge and it is not always easy to get a tag line or a sharp, high impact group of words or images that describe what you do.  In Palmerston North we have the "How Man" Dave Gaynor and through a well designed branding campaign he has managed to make sure that most of us know exactly what he does for businesses. I recently heard the young and energetic real estate agent Latham Lockwood say that his goal was 'to be the most recognised agent in the region'. These are admirable goals and I am sure that all of us who 'sell ourselves' aspire to have a strong brand. As with any good business, you need multiple revenue streams and that is where branding yourself becomes tricky! I have a feeling that I am best known in the region as 'Del TallPoppy' which reflects the strength of the Tall Poppies Drama School brand, but I am oh so much more than that.  I am known nationally at the 'founder of the TalKit Oral Language Programme for Schools' but by far, the poor cousin alter ego to these two flourishing brands is Del Costello-Professional Speaking Expert!

Del TallPoppy-Drama School Founder
TalKit Founder
Professional Speaking Expert
In 2013 this is what she (DelProfessionalSpeakingExpert) got up to, does it link to my brand, well I'm working on it.

Del Costello-Professional Speaking Expert.

In 2013 this is what she got up to-

I am a professional speaker- yes, I do speak professionally at a range of events, conferences and just love working at an MC.  I am a member of the National Speaker Association NZ, Global Speakers Federation and Speech Communication Association of NZ.

I teach others how to be professional speakers- yes, I run programmes that provide people with the tools they need to deliver presentations and speeches to a professional standard. Last year I delivered to over 900 people throughout the country. Open programmes and specialised in-house programmes, whatever they wanted.

 I publish material and resources on the subject -yes, last year I published two books, "TalKit Oral Language for the Primary Classroom" and  "Clear Speech for Primary Age Children" available in soft copy on Amazon and from Tall Poppies Group Ltd. There are two more on the table and under construction.

 I create bespoke programmes for organisations-yes, last year I worked to created a full training programme for a call centre environment, delivered 'Classroom Training Techniques Courses', coached some of the regions highest profile experts to create high impact presentations and to work with the media, I consulted to organisations with communication issues within teams and departments, delivered team building workshops and trained specialist Speech and Drama teachers for the workforce.

So what drives me- people, people, people. People are important, connecting with people is important, strong relationships drive success. All three of my 'brands' are born of the same mother- "to inspire confidence and imagination" that's what I do. In schools, board rooms, in business, in corporations, wherever you will have me. 

Perhaps one way to look at me is as a great hand, three queens, not bad ah!- @DelTallPoppy @del_speaks and @talkit2

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